Drive-Through Living Nativity 2020

Living Nativity 2020 Volunteer Information:

Our church has been presenting the Drive Through, Living Nativity as our gift to our community since 2001, the year of 9/11.  Its message is one of hope for the future and a reminder of God’s everlasting love for us.  This year, again, the world is in turmoil and thus in need of God’s message more than ever.  The question is, is this congregation able to be the conduit?  With all that’s going on, will YOU be able to participate this year?

  • Set construction should not be a problem, as we’ll all wear masks.

  • The actual night of the event, we can work with social distancing and wear scarves, the Arabian way, as part of our costumes.

  • Visitors will be in cars, and walkers will be reminded of social distancing.  Masks will be available for those who don’t have them.

My concerns revolve around costumes and breaks.

  • Costumes will either be pre-packaged for you to pick up, or we’ll set appointments for you to come pick out your pieces, a few people at a time.

  • You will keep your costume the whole weekend, laundering and returning it the following week.

  • Mary and Josephs, and angels will have to be from the same bubble, as well as anyone traveling together on the Road to Bethlehem.


The Living Nativity generally lasts for 1 ½ hours, but we may cut the advertised time to 1 hour, remaining open until the last car comes through.  

  • There will still be 2 casts.  Each cast will come for ½ the time, leaving the grounds when their scheduled time is over.  

  • Due to social distancing, we can’t go inside, so bundle up. Plan to stay outside for 30-45 mins.  

  • There will be no breaks, social time, or food.  

  • Bathrooms will still be available.


Thank you for your enthusiasm in sharing God’s Word.  Stay safe.