Ongoing Ministries are larger groups that may not meet as regularly as our small groups.  Many are 'on call' as needed.  While there is still plenty of opportunities to get to know one another in many of our Ongoing Ministries, the primary focus is often service to the Church Family or community.  Ongoing Ministries are often a great way to get involved in our Church Family even if a busy schedule cannot accommodate a Small Group.

We Are Small Groups


This is where there is real community and getting to know one another on a more personal level. In small groups, you will see sharing, caring, praying, and the doing of at least one practice of the mission of the church: radical hospitality, intentional faith development, passionate worship, extravagant generosity and risk-taking mission and service.

There is a Small Group for you. To connect with a Small Group listed here, sign up during Group Links held twice a year or call the church office anytime.  Do you have a need or idea not currently met in our Small Groups?  Think others would benefit?  Our Small Groups are leader-driven - call the church office to discuss starting up a group of your own!